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Did my best to ensure I'm not creating a dupluicate or redundant post here.

I'm new to antique cars and I just picked up a very nice 1954 Savoy runs great but I'm having a fuel issue. The linkage and brackets for the throttle and carb seem to be very 'jimmy rigged'. I know that the linkage for the accelerator pump is not working correctly. If I even had a better idea of how it is supposed to work originally I could try to come up with something but the whole system is kind of a basket case. I've tried to track down parts with no luck.

In anycase, there are enough old cars driving around that someone out there must have a fix for this via fabrication or replacement parts.

My question is, how have some of you handled this type of problem?

Thanks in advance for the help

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The best way to get an idea of what the linkage looks like is to take the carb number and do a search on it, get some pictures to determine what it looks like if it has indeed been jury rigged to work. It may be worth rebuilding the carb, if the accelerator pump isn't working but everything is really there, chances are the pump itself is bad, and they are included in the kits.

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get in touch with the PLYMOUTH OWNERS CLUB. Ask for Mr. Jim Benjaminson. Larry Knutson in particular will certainly have answers for you. A bunch of experts on those model years.

[email protected]

Tell him that Curtis sent you. But, hey, keep us posted on that '54! I remember them since the Police Department used them for patrol vehicles in my old home town.
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