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The following chassis changes; in 1961 the trucks changed from Power Giant to Sweptline. The front frame width changed considerably.
In 1965 the WB changed from 122 to 126, the short beds remained 114.
In 1972 the D models, (2WD) changed to IFS Lifestyle pickups.
The D frames are considerably different from the straight axle frames.
ALL rear portions of the frames on all 100 and 200 (and 150 and 250) are essentially 34" wide and little changed until the 2009 coil link rear.
There are several companies making Mopar based IFS kits that would be a LOT less work than swapping frames for negligible differences.
There isn't much in common in WB or suspension kmprovents that will fit your Town Panel.
For a W (4WD) the only advantage is using a 1972 and later disc brake open knuckle axle and upgrading to power steering.
Avoid the CAD axles and note there are MANY changes in both steering linkage type, differential location, shock location, transfer case type and linkage and other items that will make your search that much harder.
If you have a detailed list of wants and needs that will help us narrow down the choices.
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