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1960 dodge pioneer wagon

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hello , I am restoring my 60 pioneer wagon and cant find quarter glass seals , none reproduced yet and no old stock available, any ideas of what will work to hold quarter glass to body, mine are too cracked to remove so i can paint car, and too scared to remove them because i might not be able to put them back in lol. any help would be great , even if i have to not use the quarter glass molding. thank you jack .
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HI Jack, and welcome to the forum. Cool looking old Mopar, glad to hear you are restoring her.

If you can't find anything, or if you can find out what the actual design you have, an option is to make your own. Places like Steele Rubber and even JC Whitney carry tons of different designs that can be used and mkae your own. The design of the rubber going in and coming out should be just like a windshield rubber gasket and as long as you have the proper style in the windows to use, there are rubber glues if the corners are square and need to be cut/matched to reinstall. Remember to make the pieces about half an inch long so they don't shrink over time and leak.
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