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Re: Dennis; just be there for him, please. He's probably scared half to death. :(

1962 Newport: I believe you can swap on a pair of 1973-89 B-F-M-J etc. body spindles to get 'factory' disc brakes. I know for a fact the upper ball joints are the same between your car and the newer models and assuming your steering arms have the same spindle to bolt hole spacing as the late arms the disc spindles should fit just fine. Master cylinder and booster; perhaps a 1970's up tandem dual diaphragm unit and its proportioning valve?

If it were me: I'd try to find a 1965 up drum to drum rear end and 'lose' that thing under your car with the tapered axles. Too; going with later 11" x 2.5" rear drum brakes would work well with the later front discs.

Engine: def go with an electronic ignition, dual exhausts and a 4 barrel carb atop a 1972-78 400-4V intake assuming it doesn't need to be rebuilt. If the motor is pooched and the tranny is shaky; you might want to go 'psycho' and swap in a 2004 up 5.7L Hemi and matching AT.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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