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1963 Chryslers

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I was most disappointed that the piece on the 1963 Chrysler Corporation products did not feature images of the Chryslers, especially the 300. It was a far better-looking car than the 1964, when Chrysler resurrected the fin--if you can call it a fin. All-in-all I really enjoyed the series; it brought back fond memories.
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Welcome, jmdicola. I do agree with you that the 1963 Chrysler was better looking than the 1964 model which replaced it. I say that as my first car was a used 1963 Three Hundred 2-door. My second car was a 1964 Chrysler 300-K. I bought it as it was both more luxurious and powerful, as well as a genuine, collectible Letter Car. That and it was still in almost like-new condition at about 9 or 10 years old. But, truthfully, I always thought that all the 1963 Chryslers looked better than the 1964 models.
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