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1965 dart door strikers

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Can anyone tell me how to adjust my doors on my 1965 dodge dart. I just have everything aligned and when i put in my new door gaskets in, the door wont close. I have adjusted my striker about 100 times and no luck. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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If the door is aligned properly and the lines outside match up, you are right, the door mechanism itself does not adjust, the three or four screws are recessed into the door edge so they won't move. Get inside the car back seat with the driver seat laid forward and see if you can see where the door is hitting the striker plate, high or low, then adjust from there. If it is hitting against the outermost part of the striker plate, remove the gasket and see if it clears then, might have to make a thinner gasket. Basically, without knowing where it is touching, adjustments are a guessing game.
I think you may be actually talking about the door seal all the way around the door itself, which was my misreading. Pretty much the same thing applies, figure out where it is tight. Sometimes it is the end piece or the rubber just isn't compressing enough, but either way, figure out where the tight spot is first, it may be kinked from shipping/packing and is crushed the wrong direction in a spot. If they overall just aren't compressing enough to allow the door to close, send them back and get a refund. There are enough companies out there which do make proper fitting ones. Did they install correctly without any modifications needed?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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