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1966 Valiant 200 Slant 6 auto in Kentucky

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Selling my 1966 Plymouth Valiant 200 three speed auto with rebuilt engine. I haven't driven the car in probably 5 years. But I went out yesterday with some fresh gas and it started up immediately. And ran better than when I parked it. It needs the brakes looked over. Not sure if they just need bled or what. The rear drums were rebuilt with new springs and parts including slave cylinders so the problem is probably in the front or master cylinder. Ebrake does work though. Most of the front end parts were replaced before it was parked with poly bushings. And I have a front sway bar to go in it. The torque converter was replaced/rebuilt while the engine was out. The engine is the stock 225 slant six that came in the car. It was bored .30 over by Auburndale Auto on Southside Drive in Louisville. All engine internals and gaskets were replaced. Has the stock single barrel Holly 1920 carb. The seats were recovered around 2004-5. But the door cards are original. No carpet. Has pretty significant rust in the rear quarters. Has some rust in the front floor pans. And a little around the rest of the car and in the trunk. Stock 13" wheels and hubcaps. This was my first car. And I have owned it for 11 years. And it has been garaged for the past 5-6 years. I have a clear title ready to transfer. Asking $3000 OBO. Car is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Rather clean car for a vehicle from on the edge of the Rust Belt. I'm from the Wash DC area and a 1960's car typically was in much worse shape by the early 1970's..............

Fixing those quarter panels, etc. probably wouldn't be too tough for a good bodyman.

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Thanks! I didn't think the rust was too terrible. Especially based on the amount of salt they dump on the roads here with every chance of a flurry.

Also forgot to mention. The car has a newer y-piped dual exhaust. And it sounds great.
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