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Thank you so much for the welcome. My husband and I bought this car in 1986. Bob found it advertised in the old Slant Six Newsletter. We flew from Sacramento to Denver to purchase it and had a wonderful road trip driving it back home. My husband past away 21/2 years ago and I am sure you know that a car like this is an ongoing project of loving work. So, I am in need of selling it. I don't even have an idea of it's worth. We paid $2500.00 for all those years ago. Bob replaced the top, reupholstered it and had it painted. He put in a manual 4 speed from a Barracuda I think. I have to ask my son. It has a bubble of under the paint rust on the driver side quarter panel. It drives well. None of the dash components work, gas gauge, odometer, radio, heater etc. But the top goes up and down smoothly. I think that is it. If you can direct me as to possible selling price and venue for selling I would really appreciate it. I have tried to sell it locally for $6600.00 and other that a couple of lookers no movement. Thanks for your help.

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Welcome Lynnea. I'm sorry about your hubby passing, RIP.
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