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1967 Jeep J-3000 & Military M-715 Hybrid Project

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I have a 1967 Jeep J-3000 that I am rebuilding. Ya, I know this is a Kaiser, pre AMC, pre Chrysler, Jeep. But, I have wanted to go with all MOPAR running gear, axles, motor, transmission, transfer case, etc. But, I am having a hard time doing so. Mopar crate engines are super high priced, the Cummins the same. Darn.. I was hoping to pick up a wrecked Dodge truck 4x4 in 1 ton to make my build, but even wrecked ones are high dollar.

Here's what I got.

1967 Jeep J-3000 (Kaiser Built)
327 Jeep Vigilante Engine, (Built by Rambler)
TH400 transmission (Case front is not the same as the normal GM block)
Dana 20 Transfer Case
Dana 44 Closed Knuckle front
Dana 52 Rear
GVW 8000#

The 327 is a strong engine, but to rebuild it is very expensive compared to the end result, and some parts are very hard to find.
Since the GVW is up there, I thought I would just go 1 ton.

Then I found a M-715 frame, and the military box. My new plan is to build from the M-715 frame, use the military box, and the J-3000
cab and front clip. Will make the build easier, because I can now go from the bare frame up, and just take the parts off the J-3000
as I need them.

Does anyone have any idea as to where I can get Mopar parts at a good price? I can find Chevy stuff everwhere and for not a lot of
money. Dodge? A lot harder for a good price. LOL That should tell everyone out there that even in parts the Dodge has a better
resale vaue! LOL

Just tried to upload pics, they are too big.. I will have to resize them
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The 327 Rambler is an anvil motor,look on this site for info. The guys to contact for parts and info is the AMO. I know a few guys that belong and they are super helpful

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ALMOST what I'm going to do..
Using a '74 J10 cab/wiring etc. on a M715 with drive axles from a 78 3/4 ton (Dana 44 front and 14bolt rear) with 410s instead of 5.88's and split ring rims.

Don't know your area, but you can always search out the FSJ (full Size Jeeps) for all sorts of amenities.

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