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1967 Plymouth Belvedere

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I would like to know if anybody has an idea of what size (largest) tire I could put on the rear of my 67 Belvedere. The car has P235/70R15 on 8 inch rims (with 41/2 inch backspacing). I would like to put a pair of 255/60R15 tires on the rear. The rear fenderwells have not been modified. Any help would be truly appreciated.......Thanks
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Divide 255 by 25.4 to get inches. That is 10.04 inches. On an eight inch wheel, measure 2 inches from both sides of the wheel, and observe where the tire will run in relation to the wheel well.
A 235/60R-15 takes a 10 inch rim to fit properly, going 255 on an 8 inch rim is not a very wise idea, they tend to roll off the rim in cornering situations because they are unstable. Ten inch rims fit, very similar wheel wells to the other B bodies of the era, and it won't look like a toy car with oversized tires on small rims.
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