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1968 Dodge A-100 Fuel Issue

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Hello All,

I have a 1968 Dodge A-100 pickup, last summer I dropped a 360stroked to 408 in it with a 750 edelbrock. This summer I got the truck running great, then my neighbor suggested I try his holley 750 on it for a comparison, I know the holleys are said to give more performance, I went with the edlebrock because I am not going to be racing the truck every day. Anyways after putting the holley on I decided it was not worth the money for it and put my edlebrock back on. Since then I have had nothing but fuel issues, as in not getting any to the carb. First run with the edelbrock back on I drove for about 3 miles until I stalled, the clear plastic fuel filter right before the carb was empty. So I replaced the steal inline filter before the pump, with no success. I then pulled the fuel sending unit and took the fuel sock off, thinking that could be glogged, I got some success with that, as I made it about 10 miles before I pumped the system dry again. I then took the fuel pump off, and bench tested it, without gauges, but could tell there should be ample pressure. I then tried blowing the lines, and found that blowing the line back into the tank I was not hearing bubbles, as in the pickup was not submerged, There is about 5-7 gallons of gas in the tank, so that should not be the issue, I put a new fuel sock on the pickup in the tank, and that seemed to correct the problem again, I drove about 3 miles before the lines went dry again. I am not completely lost as to what the issue might be. The vent of the gas door is functioning properly. It is the original fuel system, I plan on dropping the tank this winter and cleaning that up, but I am trying to get the last month of driving before dropping the tank. Its the original 5/16 pickup, and a new mechanical fuel pump. I plan on replacing the mechanical with an electrical one this winter.

Any one have any ideas of what could be going on with this? I am at a complete loss.

Thanks Joe
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