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1968 gtx

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Little help I step on brakes an the interior lights go on no brake lights when I open the doors no interior lights little help.
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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have some crossed wires. How much rewiring has been done? There is a fuse for the tail lights, and there may actually be a crossed wire that has melted to engage/crosswire the lighting. I had a similar problem a few years back on my 68 Charger. Check the pigtails in the tail light housings, make sure they aren't empty (all bulbs installed, this was my problem, one of them ground and started melting wires up to the dashboard), make sure the wires aren't cracked and broken and shorting back there. Behind the emergency brake kick panel is the location where the wires come through to the dash wiring, melting at this connection should be checked. There is then a switch at the brake pedal arm under the dash, just follow the brake foot pedal up the arm and locate it, (I want to say pink and white wires, maybe not), then check the wiring at the fuse block and along that route, there is one big screw that holds it in place and located under the glovebox, check he back, wires like to melt there, so look for melting and messed up insulation. Most of the wires in this circuit for the interior lights are pink, orange, and yellow. You can find online wiring diagrams if needed for free.
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