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1968 Plymouth GTX Tail Finish Panel ?

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Hello, I have a 68 GTX 43,000 mile car. From the great state of HI. All origional panels, but where the textured argent color should be on the tail panel and tailight trim it is a flat black. No one can tell me if this was an option ? the way it is painted looks old also not a "home shop" paint job it looks like it belongs there. So before I send out the trim for restoration I have to ask should I leave it? Thanks Dave
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I just restored a 1968 GTX and from everything that I know and found out there was no option for the flat black. My original tail panel had very little textured paint left on it. Most of the area where the textured paint was is smooth with chrome showing. My original pail panel also was bright silver textured paint and not argent which is considerably darker. I decided to go with a brighter silver color but not as bright as the original looked, but lighter than argent. I bought a reproduction panel and tail light bezels.
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