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1968 Tach wiring

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I am working on a 1968 Dart GTS 4 speed car. The car came to me in pieces and I am slowly putting it back together. The car has a center console mounted tach, and I need to wire it correctly. The tach has 4 wires coming out of the back with two molded plugs. One single wire plug (green) I know goes to the coil. The second plug has three wires. Orange (light) black (ground) and Violet ? My wiring diagram does not have a tach on it. I am thinking the violet wire is a power wire, but I am not sure. Anyone know what the violet wire is for?
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Probably the 4 wires go to: negative terminal of the coil, ground, power and illumination/dimmer (instrument lights). Not sure which colors would be which. If I had to guess, the black would be ground, orange would be power and violet would be illumination. If you crossed the orange and violet, they would both be 12 volts, so if dimming didn't work, you could reverse them without damage.

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The purple wire connects to the lights when the headlight circuit is engaged, like backup light, dash lights, running lights. If you do a search, there is a link for, it has your wiring diagram there for free!

The forum is mymopar - Mopar forums and information, but I couldn't cut and paste the link.

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Thanks. I know that all orange are for lights under the dash, I would assume it would be the same for the tach? I have the MY Mopar stuff but they do not show the same style plug, and the plug is only for the dash wiring and not the tach. Looked at that a bunch of times and it doesn't make sense to what I have. Driving me crazy.
Since they are both 12 v I guess I could do a test.
I appreciate the help
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