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The old poptop camper van served us well for a long while and runs fine but it's starting to rust.
It's not a restoration candidate -- rear seats long gone, though mechanically kept up.

Before I get out the Rustoleum -- is there any approach to repainting mainly
to prevent rust that's worth thinking about?

I gather the original hard alkyd paints are not allowed in California any longer.
I know these vehicles can rust under the old paint (got one spot where the
floor rusted through due to a rainwater puddle, sigh ...)

It's not garaged, the kids grew up, and I know we're not going
to do a 'restoration' paint job. Only likely use these days is an
occasional large move. We might need the propane stove and heater after the
next big earthquake if the house doesn't do well (or I suppose if we
renovate the kitchen ...)

Not urgent, but ideas welcome.
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