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Figured this one deserves a thread, in case someone else has one to talk about some day.

I saw a beautifully restored '69 Sportsman camper van in Collierstown Virginia years ago at the county fair parade; don't think I've ever seen another, recently, except ours. Anyone else?

Sometimes people leave notes on it admiring it.

We bought ours a decade ago from my mechanic of 30 years when he retired. It's a dinosaur nowadays, tho it gave us good years -- the little propane heater, popup roof and rollup bunks saved us a couple of times when unseasonally cold storms blew in, when we were way-backwoods car camping with youngsters. The tent in the rain would've been miserable after a few days. The camper van? Heaven. Watch it rain, blow, rain, and we were warm and dry.

And some day it'll be time to pass it on.
Or maybe we'll finally get it repainted, replace the rusty old leaf springs and some holes in the floor..... We've had the carbeurator, automatic transmission and power steering pump rebuilt, put on a transmission cooler, replaced a leaky fuel line, and are always watching for rust. Still fun to drive. Still gets too hot fairly easily in stop and go traffic, despite everything we've done. Still rots out the gasket that's part of the gas cap, over and over. But fun.
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