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1970 Challenger T/A exhaust tip installation

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Hey all,
I've go a 1970 Challenger and I've got the mufflers and megaphone tips from Year One. They were installed but done poorly and I'm trying to get them put in correctly. The guy that's working on it swears they can't be installed on this car though. It's a vanilla Challenger, and my understanding is that the tips were a dealer addition so they wouldn't be damaged in shipping. Does anyone have any experience installing these? How about pictures or diagrams of where the bracket goes? (they didn't come with any from Year One) Barring any of that, anyone know of a competent exhaust shop in Ventura or LA County, CA that can make these work?

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Well, on Dad's '72 Barracuda, he needed a special rear valence with holes for the Barracuda's tips. I can't instantly picture how the Challenger's tailpipes looked, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a similar need for a special valence...
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