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I would recommend just getting a spark tester. You can shock yourself pretty good with the "ground the coil to the block" approach. Secondary voltages on cars run somewhere in the neighborhood of 20kV (yes, kilovolts), and, while you probably won't die from sticking your finger too close, that's a mistake you'll only make once. I got bitten by my Spirit once, and the instinctive jerk of my hand drove it into some sharp engine part. There was blood and some words were said, and I decided never to do that again. You can also damage electornics by holding the ground wire too far away from the block. A spark tester will also let you view the quality of the spark. It should be fat, blue and make a sharp snapping sound. This can give you an indication of how well the coil is performing.

A really quick check would be to pour a little gas in the carburetor. If the engine fires, you do have spark, and there's something wrong with the fueling system, either the lines, pump(s), filter, or carburetor.

Let's see some pictures of this baby! I've always thought that the 1970 cars were some of the most attractive cars ChryCo ever built.
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