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Car has been driven frequently in the summers and well taken care of since 1991. Only driven for about a month last summer until she died on us at a stop sign. Then we could only get the engine to turn over but not start. Brought her to a mechanic this summer who advised us to change the ballast resistor. This solved the problem so that the car would start but then we were having carburetor problems (wouldn't hold an idle). Bought the car to the mechanic who installed a manual choke so that the car could hold an idle. Mechanic also replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Car drove great for a week. Started up better than I can ever remember it doing. Then, after a week, car once again would turn over but not getting a spark and therefore wouldn't start. Brought the car back to the mechanic. Mechanic changed the ignition module, cleaned most of the wires, added a new ground. Car started up beautifully. Now we've had her home for 3 days and once again is turning over great but won't start.

I'm assuming the problem is in the electronics and the wiring but what could it be? I can't really afford to pay the mechanic for a third time in three weeks. It was my dad's car from '91 until he passed away in 2011. He took great car of it and drove it consistently every summer. I'm new to maintaining this car on my own but I feel like if it were something that happened this frequently I would know about.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any help!
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