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lostcuda said:
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I do not have access to the car right now and I was trying to order a set of shoes. Hopefully, someone with a 74 will chime in.
1973-76 Duster and friends with front drum brakes: 10" front and 9" rear; all disc brake cars had 10" drums (allegedly that is, I had a 1974 Dart with 11" rear drums and was aware of 2 others that way, all 4 door sedans with 318 V8's).

valiant67 said:
I don't know for sure in 1974, but in 1972 the standard brakes were 9" drums front and rear for 6 cylinders and 10" drums front and rear for V8. That could have changed by 1974.
Starting 1973, discs were standard on all V8 cars with power assist on the 340-360 models.
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