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1975 dodge sportsman b300 van

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I'm trying to reinstall the pulleys and belts on the engine behind the radiator but I have 2 steel brackets left. Someone told me they are around the power steering pump. They are trialgular, about 4 inches on a side and made of 3/8" plate steel. they have holes for mounting bolts. I need a exploded view of these mounting plates and where they go. thanks.
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Yep, those would be for PS pump mounting. Find almost any Chrysler small block V8 from the 60s into the 80s and look at it. That might be the best way for you to see exactly how those things fit.

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Welcome to Allpar. Most any Dodge/Chiltons/Motor/Mitchell service manual from this era will show the front V8 engine brackets and pulley positions. It would also be worthwhile and help you out a lot by getting a manual to do any type of work on the truck.
Hold the brackets up to the p/s pump to see where the bracket mounting bolt holes line up to the threaded holes in the pump.
There may be a slot to slide the bolt in to get proper belt tension.
Look for the 'shadow' in the paint left by the bracket in its previous mounting position for clues as to its correct location.
The round washer marks left in the bracket paint should face the front. Maybe some of these images are similar to what you have?:
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