I have for you a 1976 Mexican Spec Plymouth Valiant Duster.

It has a 225 slant 6 under the hood and it is a 3 on the tree car.

Being a Mexican Spec car the front is from a 1976 Plymouth Valiant and the rear is from a Dodge Dart Sport.

The car is ready to go. It has recently been tuned up. The car has recently been smogged and passed with flying colors.

It has new tires and brakes and it rides on the factory rally wheels.

The interior is a black vinyl bench.

The car really needs nothing.

I offer door to door shipping so you don't have to deal with the border issues.

Please consult your cities smog laws to see if you would be able to get plates for this car.

The car is in Mexico right now.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Also I have a walk around and a start up video. I can send them to you by email if you like.

The price is $10,500 for the car. There is no rust of any kind on this car plus it has the dual snorkel hood scoop.