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1977 chrysler cordoba. brakes bench bleed ?

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Ordered a new brake master cylinder from orailly auto parts and when I got it it came with 2 plastic plugs.

That is, no plugs with a fitting and two pieces of tube. Two, completely sealed plastic plugs..... That's not normal is it ? Shouldn't I have received 2 plugs with nipple-fitting and 2 tubes ? Or do these not bench bleed like that. . Thanks. Rt
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Many m/cyls come with a bleeder kit in a sealed plastic bag that includes the 2 screw-in fittings and 2 rubber hoses to direct the fluid back into the reservoir. I would ask them for one.
That's what I thought. I asked them and they just said "I guess it does t come that way anymore" and I was like "well.... How am I supposed to bleed it?" and he said "well I guess we can order another and see if it co es with one." so that's what we did . Jeeze.
There are two ways to bench-bleed a master cylinder:

Install the two plastic plugs in the master cylinder. Put the cylinder in a vise and fill with fluid. Slowly, steadily push the cylinder piston in with a wooden dowel. It will travel about 3/4" at first, and bubbles will appear in the fluid. Repeat this over and over until the bubbles stop and travel is no more than about 1/8" to 1/4". Then install on the car, and one at a time pull the plastic plug and install the car's brake lines. Bleed all 4 wheels.

The other way is to buy a 20" length of pre-terminated bake line (about $4). Cut it in half and thread it into master cylinder ports. Bend the tubes so that they curl around into the bottom of the cylinder chambers. Mount on the car, fill with fluid. Slowly and steadily pump the brake pedal until all bubbles stop. One at a time unscrew the bleeder lines and install the car's brake lines. Bleed all 4 wheels.
I "bench bled" my master cylinder on the car. I installed it on the booster and then hooked up the lines. I also tend to keep parts like those lines to make sure that if I end up missing parts down the road I have some.
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