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1977 dodge d150 no start

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i've got a 1977 dodge d150 with 318, recently refurbished 2bbl carter. i've just resealed the intake and now the carb is flooding. i may have done this damage myself as it was just fine before. when i was putting the intake back on (carb was still mounted to the intake), i was holding it by the carb linkage at one point. also, as i was cleaning the intake i did have it on its side. i took the plate off of the top of the accelerator housing, and the vacuum bolt thing that has the two metering tubes on it don't go back down as it should. the linkage isn't kinked in any way. but even with the metering tubes down, or all the way down i can get it, it still floods. any ideas?
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nevermind, i decided to lose the needle valve in the inlet fitting when i put a new oring on it. :(
Good to know you got it solved.
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