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It's actually a Volaré Roadrunner, an F-body.

I don't know what to tell you regarding worth. There's a guy local to me that's been trying to sell a green Volaré Roadrunner that is seemingly in excellent shape for the last several years for around $13,000, no takers.

There are some upsides. They're kind of a neat looking car in my opinion, and since it has the small block LA-V8, there are several fairly simple directions to take to improve performance. It would be trivial to install a hopped up LA-V8, doable to install a Magnum V8 even with the need to retrofit the computer in, and there should be enough room to even put a modern Hemi in. Aspens and Volarés still show up in junkyards, and specialty junkyards probably still have loads of parts from cars they received years ago, so getting used parts should be possible.

The downsides are fairly lengthy too. First, emissions testing may be a headache. It was for my Cordoba. Second, there's very scant aftermarket support, so new parts will be difficult to come by. Third, it may not command a lot of attention at car shows, if that's where your interests lie then you may not get the kind positive feedback that you desire. And lastly fourth, like my Cordoba, you're going to sink a lot of money in with no reasonable expectation of getting it back out.

Now, if I didn't have a car at the moment, if the body were solid and if nothing was missing then I might consider something like this, knowng full-well that it'd be a hobby, not a money-maker. There's no reason that it can't be a fun car, but finding replacement parts will be very difficult and there will be plenty of people asking why to bother with this car.

If you want easy, go with a late-sixties A-body. If you're welcoming of a challenge then this may be a good car to tinker with.
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