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I am new to the forum and hope that you guys could help me to figure out which oil to buy for my new 1979 Chrysler Cordoba (automatic transmission). It is leaking at the differential and as the oil is beige I am assuming it is gear oil and not transmission oil. Given that there are many products on the market, I hope you could give me a hand which sort of oil I need.

Thank you very, very much!

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Welcome to Allpar. At this age and mileage, I would change and not add to the differential fluid. You can remove the cover and drain the old lube. If there is a chip magnet, check it for chunks, clean and re-install. Reseal and install the pan.
You may use a gear lubricant RTV (not all RTVs are the same): dsc03909.jpg
Brand isn't that important, but I would use a good quality hypoid gear lubricant like this: mopar_6.jpg

P.S. - ATF would have a reddish color and would only drip from the differential if it was leaking from up front and blowing back. That would be a pretty heavy leak.
If your differential is a 'limited-slip' (posi), you would want to add a bottle of Friction Modifier so that the carrier clutches don't chatter on turns: gearaddative.jpg
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