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Welcome to Allpar. At this age and mileage, I would change and not add to the differential fluid. You can remove the cover and drain the old lube. If there is a chip magnet, check it for chunks, clean and re-install. Reseal and install the pan.
You may use a gear lubricant RTV (not all RTVs are the same): dsc03909.jpg
Brand isn't that important, but I would use a good quality hypoid gear lubricant like this: mopar_6.jpg

P.S. - ATF would have a reddish color and would only drip from the differential if it was leaking from up front and blowing back. That would be a pretty heavy leak.
If your differential is a 'limited-slip' (posi), you would want to add a bottle of Friction Modifier so that the carrier clutches don't chatter on turns: gearaddative.jpg
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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