It may seem obvious, but while the Dodge Challenger Hellcat can get really close to 200 mph (where the Charger Hellcat takes over), it’s not a good idea to film yourself doing it on a public road.

Facebook Hellcat 198 mph video
According to the Raleigh News & Observer , William Jefferson not only took his car up to 198 mph, but filmed the run and posted it on  Facebook. A citizen sent the video to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, which arrested him for speeding — and reckless driving, and being in a pre-arranged race, since the Facebook video shows the car being raced on a public highway.

According to the Trooper Z.S. Clay, in his application for a search warrant for Jefferson’s phone, the video was likely taken on U.S. Route 1.  The 22-year-old accused road racer will appear in court on September 4.  Video via local Channel 11.