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1982 Dodge Rampage - Restoration Project or parts

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1982 Rampage
Red w/orange block stripe on bed and hood
Black Cloth interior
2.2L w/ auto trans
Located in Dover OH, about an hour south of Cleveland.
Asking $1000 obo

The rampage is complete and running but needs some TLC. I parked it when my daughter was born two years ago and haven't had time to mess with it since. It's more work than I have time to put into it's but too good to just haul off to the scrap yard. It has been garaged the entire time but has some rust from previous use The worst spots are behind the wheel wells and the floor pan will need replaced.The tires are new and I replaced the head gasket just after I bought it. I can answer any other questions you may have an can provide pics if needed.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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