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1982 Lebaron convertable

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Well the Aries deal feel through, for one why do I want another 88 4 door....I already have there is an 82 Lebaron vert 7 miles away from me. It is from California, 2.2 liter Carb, no rust, a little bit of paint fade but will buff out. Drivers seat is in ok condition but is not ripped to shreds. My question is that the power window will not go up, the guy has tried to fix it and has failed. So the car is sitting out with the window down, thankfully he has covered it with a tarp.

Since it is a california car I plan on removing the horrible resonator on the car... The price is 1500.. not bad deal considering I just sold my 86 Reliant for 2500.
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Front or back window?
What did he try to do to fix that window? Motor replacement? If that didn't work, it might be the wiring harness that passes through the door edge to the pillar. I've had the wires break in that area due to many years of flexing when opening and closing the door.
Drivers side door..he has got the panel off...say's it will not go up...I have a feeling it is what you explained..the wires running to the door have seen their day..This also happened on my 89 buick century..the wires broke and the passenger window did not work, so after some new wires and soldering it works again..
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