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1984 Daytona won't start

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I have an '84 Daytona with turbo that has been garaged and not started in over 6 years. Ran fine before that. I have the Chrysler service manual for the car purchased when I bought the car new. I'm the original owner.

I get two fault codes: 12 and 42. I understand 42 but not 12. The shop manual states the following: "CODE 12 indicates a problem in the stand-by memory circuit. This code appears if direct memory feed to the Logic Module is interupted." I would have thought the "stand-by memory circuit" was in the Logic Module, but I do not get Code 44 which indicates a problem in the Logic Module.

I've made quite a few tests. The ASD relay (or fuel pump relay) is shutting down in about a second. However, I get a spark before shut down. Pulled all 4 plugs and tried starting numerous times to see that a plug fires once each attempted start. All 4 have fired at different times. I have pressure on the rail and appears the injectors are not plugged as I get a mist in the cylinders when I apply current to the injectors. I did a successful continuity test on all the lines from Power Module and Logic Module connectors (disconnected from the moduels) to the source input/interface connector (also disconnectred). The Power Module puts out 12v, 7.5v and 5v to the proper circuits. The grounds are all OK.

I presume that Code 42 is triggered because of the Code 12 problem is causing the Logic Module to interupt the starting sequence. What is the "stand-by memory circuit", and what "direct memory feed to the Logic Module" could cause the problem in the "stand-by circuit"?

Thanks to anyone who can give me a lead on this.