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1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo Rally Car (Tulsa)

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For Sale - a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo that, when new, became a works-supported SCCA ProRally Production GT class rally car. Years later it was modified to the two-wheel-drive Open, Group 5 class for the Colorado Hill Climb Series. It boasts a seam-welded uni-body that is rust-free (the car has spent most of its life garaged in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, or Oklahoma), reinforced suspension mounts, a full, welded-in roll cage, dual brake master cylinders with driver-adjustable balance controller, and stout rally suspension on all four corners. Six bins of spare parts that include internal engine parts, brakes, calipers, manifolds, an oil pan, a cuylinder head, camshafts, and lots. lots more odds & ends go with the car -PLUS- a complete 2.2 turbo engine (for parts), and TWO complete transaxles (for parts if nothing else).

BUT, the restoration needs completed!!!

The stuff I've done to the car include reassembling the engine, mated it to the transaxle and stabbed it all in the car (along with the jackshaft and equal length halfshafts). A new OEM style fuel tank was purchased, armored and installed along with a new in-tank fuel pickup/gauge sender assembly. I secured a brand new OEM wiring harness (I have friends at Chrysler) and began installing that until I lost inspiration to finish it all off. Once running this would be a competitive Rally America Group 5 car, a salty SCCA RallyCross car, or a really fun hot lap and/or road race car! Otherwise, it could be parted out to complete another Omni GLH Turbo or make someone money offering all these parts on eBay.

In case you are wondering whether the work done since I got the car is up to snuff be aware that in 1985, 1986 and 1987 I worked for Chrysler sponsored CMC Motorsports in the Detroit area. During that time I built two Pikes Peak Production Class winning/record setting Dodges (Charger Turbo in 1986 and a Shelby Intercooled Daytona Z in 1987) plus the 1986 SCCA ProRally Production Class championship winning Dodge Omni GLH. We even managed second in the 1987 Production Class with an outgunned, normally aspirated Dodge Shadow! I know L-bodies!

Here's a link to the Tulsa Craigslist ad that has some pics -

I have a Dodge Cummins dually and trailer so delivery is even negotiable ...
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