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1987 plymouth Caravelle- ecm wire harness kit?

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I was looking to replace the electrical wires that go from the computer and also the wires that come out from right behind the master cylinder area. can that still be bought? Really I just need the wire section that includes the fusable links. I havnt looked there in a while, but I will need one soon. I had some links jumped, and one of them controls the radiator fan. also the Main + Power cable to the battery is super short.
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Almost certainly not. That wouldn't have been a common replacement part even when the car was new, and it's 26 years old now. A fusible link is essentially a smaller gauge wire spliced into a bigger gauge wire. I imagine that the wires aren't really that special. Someone a little more experienced with electrical stuff, maybe Bob Lincoln, would be able to point you in the right direction. As for the battery cable, there wouldn't have been a whole lot of play in that, even when new. If it's been shortened because of terminal replacement, I would remove the ends (I imagine they're bolt-on universal types, tin the wires, and then replace the ends. The solder will protect the cables from further deterioration, and next time a terminal breaks, you can just bolt a new one on to the tinned, protected wires. Some dielectric grease here wouldn't hurt, either. You may have some luck at a junkyard, depending on where you live, but I would try to put the links in myself and then protect the cables first.
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