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1989 Dodge Ram 150 Seat belt

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I have an 89 Dodge Ram, and my drivers side seatbelt is broken off where it bolts to the floor, is there any companies that make a direct replacement?
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Not that I know of. There are companies that make generic belts with Dodge logos and there might be some NOS vendors on the web, but finding old Dodge Truck stuff is work.
Search under Brads New Old Stock and Roberts Motor Parts and you might try Sweptline Parts . Com as well.

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There are a few new parts still available. I would have to make a call to confirm a price. the last known list was $394.00 for the drivers female half which includes the center male portion. If everything goes how I anticipate it would sell for $313.97 plus shipping. Turn around time would be about 1 1/2 weeks out.

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