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1990 Chrysler Imperial
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‘90 Chrysler Imperial Brake Issue:

After replacing the fluid level sensor, the Low Brake Fluid warning went off and so did the ABS light.

Current issues:

-After starting, when you put your foot on the brake to shift into any gear, the ABS light comes on and quickly goes off.

-When you hit the brake quick or somewhat hard, the ABS light comes on for a second AND the brake pedal gives, as if the ABS is engaging. The actual red brake light never comes on.

-I am pretty sure brake fluid is leaking into the car, see pictures. Is this happening because of too much fluid?

-When stopped at a light, there is an occasional pulse in the brake pedal.
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Any guidance is appreciated! Perhaps I need to have the entire system replaced. Any recommendations of where to do this in South FL?

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It appears that the fluid is leaking out the rear of the actuator cylinder itself.
As long as the walls of the cylinder aren't deeply scratched, pitted or corroded, you may just need new rubber cups & seals.
This parts page is from 1989 before the 1990 Y-body, but the part # given here matches the part # in your image above. They were unchanged.
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The unit would have to removed from the bulkhead for servicing. A place that does repairs of hydraulic equipment may take on the challenge. If they decline service, ask what they would do if it were their car?
Since they are in the business of rebuilding/exchanging these units, you would certainly get a better answer than at an auto parts counter.
Let us know what you are able to find out (needs something like this).
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You may have a cracked tonering or slightly defect wheel sensor, the fact that it doing the abs thing on non slippery surfaces during light braking is typical for a cracked tone ring.
- the master cylinder is just the same as an ordinary one when it comes to rebuilding the seals. Dont mess with the abs valves around it.
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