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1990 Chrysler New Yorker Won't Keep Running

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Hi folks.

My 1990 New Yorker will start, but the just die after a couple of seconds. I know that is supposed to have to due with the security system. I have locked and unlocked the driver's door with the key. I have unlocked the doors, opened and closed the hood and trunk. I even tore the dashboard apart and unhooked the security system. But, every so often (like today), the car will decide that I am trying to steal it. Normally it will start after I play the open and close and lock and unlock "game". Not today. does anyone know what else I can do to get the car to keep running? Thank-you. I am frustrated and desperate.
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There are a few things that can do this, and these cars will drive you nuts until you track down the problem. We'll need to determine if it's really the alarm doing this. Does this happen only when you use the power locks, or just out of the blue? Does the alarm actually go off? How old is the battery, does it go dead at times? Do you get any check engine lights?

The alarm can be permanently disabled by starting the car and unplugging the module with the engine running. If you're having trouble getting it disarmed, you'll have to get into one of the front doors, find the switch that's supposed to be attached to the back of the key cylinder (these sometimes fall off), and short the two switch wires together - that'll disarm the system.

I've had a loose ECM connector do the same thing though, thus my question about the check engine light.
Hi Wolf.

I learned on here not to use the power door locks, so I haven't. It happens out of the blue.

No alarm as I have disconnected it from under the dashboard, I think it was above the radio.

The battery is new and I don't get a check engine light when the car is running.

The door lock on the passenger door does not work. the cylinder in broken.

How can I short out the key cylinder on the driver's door?

THANK YOU for your help.

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If the alarm module isn't there any more, there's no point shorting one of the door switches. There's nothing attached to them any more. You can also go ahead and use the power locks - no alarm to set. You disconnected the module with the car running, I hope? If not, the car won't start until you put it back and disarm it. Then, start the car and disconnect the alarm once it's running again.

I should mention if the car has EVIC (overhead trip computer), you will have more than one module above the glove box. One is the lamp out module and has two connectors, the other is the alarm module (one connector).

Check the connector at the ECM - see if you can wiggle it back and forth. If you can, the bolt holding the connector to the ECM is too long and needs maybe a millimeter trimmed off the end. This can easily cause this problem... my 1991 Fifth parts car was like that. At random, it just would not start for nothin.' A bad crank sensor can do it too - should throw a code, but it may not. Check for codes anyway - not all of them will turn on the check engine light.

Water in the BCM can also do it... if your cowl drains have been plugged enough to let water come in via the HVAC opening in the cowl, you'll find water on the passenger side floor after a heavy rain. What a lot of people don't realize is that if this happens, the BCM will get water in it too - it's behind the passenger side kick panel. If this has happened, pull it out, take it apart, and dry it out. Clean the connectors with contact cleaner while you're at it. Make sure both cowl drains are clear... a lot of times, leaves will get in there and clog them.

Hope this helps. These cars can be extremely aggrivating, but once you get the gremlins out they stay pretty reliable.
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I disconnected the alarm system last year with the engine running.

I was driving home today when a little light came on next to the odometer. So I turned the car off and tried to restart it. That is when it wouldn't start again.

The EVIC doesn't work properly. Temperature always show -75 and compass always shows South. Sometime the speedometer electronic quits working altogether. I have tried replacing the BCM (it doesn't get wet), but no difference.

What is the ECM and where is it located?

Thank you.

ECM is right next to the battery bolted to the inner fender.

You're having issues with the engine node if the compass and temp is out like that. Shouldn't be causing the stalling problem. It's a long bar looking thing behind the rad grille. Try to get a 1990 part if you replace it, but other years will work too. Make sure you disconnect the battery before replacing it.

Which light came on? I'd check for codes first and see if anything comes up.

Also - check the ASD relay (in the PDC under the hood) pins for corrosion while you're at it. That can cause this problem too. Does the fuel pump make any noises when it won't start?
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