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1990 Dodge Dynasty A604 transmission problem

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Lately with the weather getting cooler my transmission will downshift into 2nd every time I tap on the brake, then immediately back to 3rd. It doesn't matter what speed I'm going. It happens at 60mph and 2 mph. If I slow down without touching the brake it won't do this. I also noticed my voltmeter was bouncing a lot. The next day it did not happen and the voltmeter was steady. It seems this transmission works fine if it's 75 degees or better. The idle also changed to very low rpm and was dying today but that has been usual at the change of seasons.

So I'm wondering. Has anyone heard of this type of behavior and what causes the transmission to behave this way?
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The electrical problem should be checked out for alternator/battery terminal/wiring problems. Fluctuating voltage certainly does not do any favors to the control modules.
Any PCM/TCM fault codes? The later TCM software had improvements to reduce sensitivity to intermittent electrical issues.
An ambient/battery or ATF temp sensor may be acting up.
I found my positive battery cable was loose. I guess that would be it. That problem is gone
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