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1990 New Yorker now doors will unlock but not lock

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and the headlight doors will not open when turned on.

I'm thinking it's a fuse or some relay has tripped.

or.. similar to the ATC reset.. there's some odd stand on one foot, turn key while patting head dance I need to do .. lol

thanks for any help :)
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What sanity?
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Power locks and headlamp doors are both controlled by the BCM. Could be a common issue or separate ones.

On the locks, does the car think the keys are in the ignition and chime at you even when you remove them? If so, the car will not allow the doors to power lock. It's to keep you from locking your keys in the car. The switch for that could be sticking.

For the headlamps, we need to figure out if the motor runs. Could be the gears stripped out.
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