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[sub]This may sound really nuts, but if there are relays, take them out and put them back in again. I had trouble with my 90 Daytona turn signals not working right. I found that if I opened and closed my driver's door, they would work. That worked for a while. I went to a local parts shop to get a relay, but they sold me the wrong one. I let the guy hunt for it in my car. It turns out that is was square, not round. So he took it out and put it back in again, and the turn signals now work. Go figure. It may be as simple as that. Dodges are great, but their electrical is a pain. Will be trouble shooting electrical issues in my new toy, 89 Chrysler Lebaron convertible once it gets warmer. Oh an another thing, the electrical gets quirky when the stock radios are dying. Found out on my son's 93 Dynasty. Couldn't figure out why the car acted funny until we kept blowing speakers and random quirkyness. Changed the radio, and no problems. I think this may be the problem with the Lebaron. Hope that helps. Cheryl[/sub]
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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