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I have a '90 W150, 318 auto. As of late, the overdrive has been acting "goofy".
By this I mean it isn't shifting like it should, it keeps going in and out of O.D. at 45 to 55mph, it used to shift up, and stay there until I gave it some throttle. It seems to be ok for the first few miles, then it gets worse as it warms up, to the point I have to manually take the O.D. off. The truck shows 95,000 but I really don't know the actual. My fluid is very clean looking, and smelling, and has never used any
I've replaced the easy/cheap parts (sensors-the TPS, sensor in rr. end, & sensor in transfer case), somebody told me it's probably an adjustment of the O.D. bands/clutch? In any case I'm very not familiar, I was wondering.....before I take it to who-knows-who....trans. shop, if I drop the pan, is the adjustment something that I could do with the proper instruction??? Frankly, I'm scared a shop will tell me "sorry Johnny, it's need a total re-build" bend over.....etc. Please advise if you can.Thanks, John Verbison, MI
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