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1991 Caravan Speedo problem

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I have a 1991 Dodge Caravan that the speedo has quit working. The speedo used to act up when very hot outside now it has quit working all together (it would stick at aroound 45 and at zero). Any tips as to what to look for?
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Does your odometer work? If both are out, check to see if you have a code 15 stored (it will probably not light the CEL on a 1991). If the code is there, you probably have a bad speed sensor on the transaxle. If your cruise still works, your speed sensor is good and the problem could be a bad connection to the speedometer head or bad solder joints on the cluster board. It is always possible that the movement is bad, especially if the odometer still works.
...and if the odometer works, pull the unit out of the cluster and check for a frozen needle. Perhaps a drop of very thin oil could get it going again (electric shaver oil or sewing machine oil, but just 1 drop and it might stain the bezel).
Thanks for the reply. The cruise and odometer are also out so I guess that means the speed sensor. Now the question is, which of the three sensors is the speed sensor?
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