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1991 Chrysler New Yorker Keyless Remote Entry

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My New Yorker has never had a keyless remote, and I'm just wondering that if I purchase one will it be able to be programmed the same way.

Also, will the panic work? Because my car does not have alarm.

Just wondering if any of these things would effect the remote.

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If you have no factory alarm, chances are you have no remote keyless entry on that car. They were usually ordered together as part of a package.

Anyway, if the module's not there, a remote wouldn't do you any good. Adding it would mean a fair bit of wiring.

The module would be directly above the glove box on a bracket. The factory alarm module and lamp out module for the overhead trip computer also bolted to that bracket.
The remote and the alarm were bundled together, so if there's no alarm you have no keyless entry. it would be easier to add an aftermarket keyless entry than wire in the factory system.
Wiring in a factory system isn't hard at all, the hard part becomes when you have to install relays. Currently on my Daytona I tried to install RKE from a Caravan. I tapped the automatic door lock relay but realized when it would not unlock with the RKE I needed to install another relay to unlock the doors. I haven't had time to do that yet but it doesn't seem too hard. So far my investment into both the Key fobs and the RKE module have been around $10.
I figured no alarm meant no remote entry but wasn't sure.

Thanks guys, it helps a lot.
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