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1991 Dodge Dynasty Transmission

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In a 1991 Dodge Dynasty with a 3.0 litre engine.Automatic Transmission, while driving the car up hill when the car needs to shift down sometimes all it will do is Rev up and if you let up off the throttle it seams to catch up and drive just for a while and then it will do it again while going up hill, sometimes it will even do it on level ground. Are there adjustments in the transmission that can be made or are they all Computer controlled?.
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How is the fluid level and condition? Low fluid on an incline will make the clutches slip when the pump sucks air. A plugging filter will further lower the clutch apply pressures. Slipping will quickly toast clutches and you don't want to drive it like this.
Helpful diagnostic fault codes may be stored in the TCM but a special OBD 1 reader with the corporate body cable may be required to get access to them. If you do get them read, also have them write down the CVI values if they can.
Any history that you know of on this transaxle?
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