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1992 Dodge W250 cummins not starting

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Hey guys, i recently did a frame off restoration on my truck. Now that i got the cab and front fenders all on i got all of the connections plugged in, i hooked up the battery turned the key and i got nothing. The battery was charged and is good. All of the fuse-able links are good.(checked them). I unplugged the plug that feeds power into my ignition switch i have power to the 1 hot that is in that plug. i can jump power with a cheater wire to the different circuits in the plug and everything works. ( i only have power to the power windows and power mirrors with the key on) with the key off i have power to my headlights marker lights 4ways & brake lights. I dont think it is the ignition swich because i tryed 3 diffrent colums with diffrent ignition swiches. Also i have no power to my directionals,window wipers,window washer pump, but my high beams work with the key on/off
Please i need help i have to get this truck up and running
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Welcome to Allpar. Do you have gauges and dash indicator lights?
Automatic or Manual? The starter relay may be missing it's ground at the clutch pedal or the Neutral/Reverse safety switch?
It is a manual all of my relays are good it might be that ground otherwise what else could it be. Also I have no power to my gauges
I would Google around for a wiring diagram so you can trace wire colors. Autozone may have free diagrams on their website. See where the power stops.
There was another guy with the same problem and it was a wire he said but I have no Idea what wire I have the service manual so I guess I'm gonna have to do alot of searching
Have a close look at the main bulkhead (firewall) connector terminals. It helps if you unplug them completely and inspect for terminal seating, burnt or melted plastic. They feed and return from the ignition switch. It sounds a circuit branch is out.
But I dont know why when I jump it everything works tho
A jump start will get everything working? Maybe a problem with the battery terminals or cables? Are you jumping right to the battery terminals?
Is there a ground strap or cable missing between the frame or body or engine? All 3 need to be common to battery (-) with each other.
Does this truck have a single battery or dual batteries?
Since everything works as you power from the hot wire to each individual wire in the plug, Do a connectivity test to find out which terminals are connected at each switch position. It sounds like one or two wires are in the wrong position. I found that on a Polara once that had electrical issues for years. Moved two wires in the fuse box to different terminals and everything worked correctly. I found the issue at the ignition switch plug by checking what was hot and when.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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