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Hey guys, i recently did a frame off restoration on my truck. Now that i got the cab and front fenders all on i got all of the connections plugged in, i hooked up the battery turned the key and i got nothing. The battery was charged and is good. All of the fuse-able links are good.(checked them). I unplugged the plug that feeds power into my ignition switch i have power to the 1 hot that is in that plug. i can jump power with a cheater wire to the different circuits in the plug and everything works. ( i only have power to the power windows and power mirrors with the key on) with the key off i have power to my headlights marker lights 4ways & brake lights. I dont think it is the ignition swich because i tryed 3 diffrent colums with diffrent ignition swiches. Also i have no power to my directionals,window wipers,window washer pump, but my high beams work with the key on/off
Please i need help i have to get this truck up and running
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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