Prices are from $15 to $38

These were sold through the Performance Division of Chrysler
(Performance Division part numbers start with a P)

P5248255 Lighter (both sides shown) 30.00 (have 13)
P5248253 Stopwatch (the battery is dead) 2 screws on back to open it 38.00 (have 14)
P5248262 Key Ring (White background/Indy 500 logo) 35.00 (have 4)
P5248260 Pinback or Lapel Pin /clear plastic over the picture) 15.00 (have 2)
P4791840 Gold Key Ring (rectangular) with Viper pictured 35.00 (have 2)
P4791834 Gold Key Ring with snakehead and the word Viper 35.00 (have 2)

PM me for more info