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1992 Lebaron Airbox

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The photo below is the airbox from my 1992 Lebaron, 3.0L V-6.

Can someone confirm that the hose on the bottom left of the photo (circled), connects to nothing. Alternatively, inform me what it should be connected to.

It connects to the bottom of the compartment in the airbox that holds a greasy hunk of foam rubber.

Thanks in advance.

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That would be the breather hose, which draws filtered air from the airbox into the crankcase. It should connect to somewhere such as a valve cover that is in communication with crankcase air. The 'greasy foam rubber' is probably a filthy, never-changed breather filter (which should be changed every couple of years). It should not be left disconnected.

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The hose to the valve cover connects to the upper fitting, visible upon close inspection just above the rail post and circled hose.

I just ordered a new crankcase breather element to replace the greasy hunk of foam rubber.

I still think the bottom hose vents (drains) to the outside air.
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