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1992 Shadow MFS

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has a pin diagram for the multifunction switch for the 1992 Dodge Shadow. My right rear signal will not work - I have verified the ground and even replaced the entire socket but it still will not work. Even the hazards all work, EXCEPT for the right rear. I am wanting to test the MFS. Any suggestions to test/other areas to look is appreciated!

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Found the pin diagram in another book.

24 pins starting with #1 bottom right, and going right to left.
9-1 bottom row
17-10 middle row
24-18 top row.

Continuity check for right turn signal:
and 23-24 (if you have corner lamps).

Hazards are 11-12-13-15-16

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You folks are AMAZING! Can't thank you enough for getting those for me. I'll be testing it shortly! If there is one thing I've grown to hate, it's parts throwing to fix a problem - I'd much rather test things like this instead!
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