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1993 Dakota - weak spark

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Truck in question is my old 1993 Dakota that a neighbor now owns. Around 135k on the truck, Magnum 3.9 auto, 2wd.
It quit on him and the shop told him the computer was bad after some "diagnostics" and replacing the coil would not make it start. So he had it towed home. It appears to be getting fuel, but doesn't seem to be firing. We pulled a plug and the spark was orange, not bright. The cap and rotor are worn, but not the the point I'd suspect they would kill the spark. He's gonna grab a new cap and rotor. Plugs were newer as are the wires. But the plugs are now fuel soaked so he's gonna clean them up.

It hasn't skipped time as it turns over smoothly, no popping (plus I put a new timing chain in it back then I had it with 120k miles). I've never had a crank sensor fail on these. Would one make the spark weak? I'm also gonna look the grounds over for problems. I hooked my scanner up to it and the scanner reads the part number from the computer, so I don't suspect the computer.

Anyone got anything else that I may have overlooked? I thought about a worn distributor but I assume that would have chewed the cap up inside if that was the case.