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Welcome to Allpar. Will it fire up briefly if you give it a shot of car/throttle body cleaner into the air horn? This stuff is flammable, so use care when trying this (a backfire could do a fireball thing).
Running low on fuel has probably damaged the fuel pump and it will need replacement. Sitting unused for 2 years with fuel in the tank may have formed varnish and other nasties inside the tank. Some of the crud may have been pumped forward into the fuel filter. Some might have made it into the injector screen.
Besides a new fuel pump and fuel filter, you may want to do an extensive cleaning inside the fuel tank, clear the lines and injector/regulator of old fuel. If your tank is metal and the straps and lines are rusty, you might need to replace these if they start leaking. A new tank may be better than trying to clean the inside of the old one if you can't reach everything or it looks really bad.
Don't reuse any old fuel, dispose of it properly and refill with fresh fuel only.
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